Welcome message

Welcome to the Department of Environmental Engineering, International University – VNU HCMC,

Newly established in July 2017, Department of Environmental Engineering educates environmental engineers to deal with environmental problems (water pollution, air pollution and solid waste management) in Vietnam and all over the world. Graduated students from our department are well-educated, with knowledge, skill and tools in the field of environmental engineering and science necessary to address environmental challenges.


Missions and Goals

♦ General missions:

  • Educate the environmental engineers that meet the need of the industry, society, and scientific community.
  • Provide the student the ability to apply the fundamental principles to address the environmental engineering problems.
  • To create the innovative technologies for improving the environmental quality.

♦ Goals:

  • Develop and transfer innovative applications of engineering, science and technology to improve environmental engineering practice.
  • Educate engineers committed to the innovative and ethical application of science and technology in addressing the most pressing societal needs. 
  • Develop and disseminate transformational new knowledge and technologies that further the well-being and sustainability of society. 
  • Provide national leadership in enhancing the role and visibility of the engineering profession in the education of our youth and the development and implementation of public policy.